Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quality SEO Research for your website

When it comes to gaining organic search engine traffic for your website a site must have optimized source code for a search engine algorithm to crawl it and index the site. Most free bloging platforms for building your website like Blogger and Wordpress do have valid X-HTML source code making it easy for it to index. The first phase in gaining a spot in Google's index is by having your website crawled by a spider, which is an automated program used to read a websites content.

Once your site has been crawled then the search engine algorithm makes a decision on where it places your website page within its index. There can be lots of variables in regards to where the web page is ranked, these can be the age of the domain, the amount of quality links that link to that web page, and whether the title tags have the keywords being searched for. If building a new website it will take some time for certain keywords that your website has to appear in search results, this is because a search engine like Google has the website in a "sandbox" environment because it is new needs a certain amount of page information and written content for it to be valuable.

It can take up to 3 months to start noticing traffic from a search engine, whether it be from Google, yahoo or bing. The best way to gain quality SEO for your website is to keep your website updated and to write new content for it because the search engine spider will come back to your website more often therefore indexing more content. The next step in the process of gaining a high ranking within Google is to have a high quality content website with a link to your website, this is could an inbound link. Inbound links to your website provide a level of quality for your website because it tells the search engine what the most quality and popular content is.

When choosing to write content for your website its important to understand that a search engine is looking for original, fresh and keyword content webpages. Keyword content is about writing about a certain topic say "the future of tv's in 2010" and making it rich in information and whether certain keywords like tv's and 2010 is mentioned within the content. It is important to know not to repeat the keyword to many times because it takes out the originality factor out of the website and doesn't make it sound like your speaking to a person. Writing content that is fresh means keeping your website up to date so search engines have new content to index and people have new content to read, and having original content means not copying exact phrases of other websites because this will devalue your site because the search engine will already know the content that was first written.

This blog post on Quality SEO Research for your website covers the basics on how to gain an understanding of SEO which should be followed to gain a search ranking which will bring traffic to your website. If you found this post to be helpful or want to include more helpful information about search engine optimization then post a comment.


  1. Great post on SEO research. This is my favourite blog. Its most interesting post for me.

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  2. Hi neil thanks for your comment!! I've tried to explain SEO in simple terms to make it easy for everyone to understand.