Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Future of TV's in 2010

In 2010 TV's are going to be bigger and cheaper to buy. The market for energy efficient TV's will become a lot more popular for consumers to buy and for companies to make and design TV's that are ultra thin. Large LCD's and plasmas will use less power and with the climate changing, consumers are getting to grasp an understanding that large TV's consume a lot more power within their house.

During 2010 a TV will easily be able to connect to the homes broadband internet connection combining the very best in broadband and broadcast. Movie watchers will easily be able to browse movies in a "media-center" like environment with the use of the remote control and be played instantly. Maybe the use of a internal hard drives within a TV so that programs can be download to view at a later time will become popular.

Big Brand Companies will include new technology for a TV which will include more LED back-lighting for a lot crisper, brighter visual appeal and a faster refresh rate to keep up with the latest sport and action movies which will reduce motion blur. TV's in 2010 should be expected to rate as low as 120Hz to 240Hz for 3D graphics will become available so console games and live sport will take advantage of this technology.

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