Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Popular Opera Widgets for 2009

The Opera web browser has developed some fantastic widgets over the past few years and has brung with it a list of some of the 5 most popular opera widgets for 2009 that the opera community uses.

1.   touchtheSky 

TouchtheSky is a widget that reports International weather a in detailed, compact format that is automatically updated and powered by a service could AccuWeather. The weather widget reports the high and low temperatures for each day of the week, the sunrise and sunset for the day and also speed of the winds. TouchtheSky is a very useful app for those wanting to know the latest forecast in the days ahead.

2.   SimAquarium

SimAquarium is a simulation game which looks like aquarium where you can buy and sell fish, aquarium sceneries like plants and rocks and lighting effects for your aquarium! There are ways to earn money in this game by which you have to breed and sell fish. There are over 28 different species with different characteristics.

3.   Artist's Sketchbook 

This is an advanced painting widget with tools like pencils, charcoal and paint brushes. This tool reminds me of mspaint in windows but has a lot more artistic flare to it. If you want to draw a favorite masterpiece,then this is a really cool widget to get it done. It has the ability for picture exporting, saving and loading! This widget has also multi-language support.

 4.   Analog Clock 
This widget is a simple analog clock that sits on the desktop and displays the current time. If your not a fan of the windows digital clock then this serves a great purpose in showing an analog clock on the users desktop.


5.   Torus
Now this is definitely tetris with a twist. If your a big fan of tetris then this is sure to keep you entertained including those high score tables with a customizable appearance.

If you want to know more about widgets then visit a previous blog post about 3 useful opera widgets.

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