Monday, November 9, 2009

First Worm for the iPhone

Finally the first iphone self propagating worm has come to town for all those that love their apple iphone.
Whats interesting about this worm (virus) is that it's only found circulating around Australia at the moment
,mainly because an Aussie Script kiddie has found an exploit for the jail-broken application.

What the worm does is exploits a security hole by which the iphone that has ssh installed with the default password
that hasn't been changed, and the user has removed  the Apple's protection by allowing all software to run is at risk. The exploit
changes the phone's wallpaper to a picture of an 1980s singer "Rick Astley" with a message that says
"ikee is never going to give you up".

The best way to prevent this self propagating worm infecting your iphone is by locking down the security mechanism
so that only the programs you want to run have access to your phone.

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