Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yahoo Search to go real-time!

Yahoo Search to go real-time!

Yahoo is very close to signing a deal with 'OneRiot' which is a real-time search engine provider to make searches more timeless when searching. What this means is that a user can search content with it being up to date to the minute or close enough when searching on yahoo.

How it works is the oneriot search engine will be constantly crawling social media websites like digg, stumble upon and delicious and then catorgize the most relevent links of whats popular. This will be an excellent way of boosting search engine traffic quickly but then again might be even harder to gain traffic because it will be based on opions of what people think is best.
The authority of the webpage like traffic rank, how fresh the content is and the authority of the person posting the content are all contributing factors to determine the real-time stats.

Yahoo hasn't announced yet exactly how it will get its 'real-time' updates, but will be closley related to the way Google and Bing is soon to get their real-time updates and thats by crawling for links in twitter posts.

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