Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Samsung to give away LCD TVs

Samsung has announced that it will be giving away LCD TVs before the end of January 2010 for those customers who have purchased a Samsung LED TV.
The TV's for purchase come from the selected range of series 6,7 and 8 LED televisions, and for those that buy one will recive a free 26 inch LCD TV.

The head of marketing for samsung electronics made a statement that said "We recognise that a second tv has become a common-place in the Australian households and now thanks to Samsung it can be one of great quality at no extra cost." What this means for the consumer is that costs for TV's is becoming lower, thus allowing 2 brand new TVs at the cost of one.

To claim this great deal, customers are required to register at the Samsung website by Febuary 14th 2010 and send their receipt of purchase by Febuary 28th 2010.
For more information about tvs in 2010 please read the blog post about the future of tvs in 2010.

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