Sunday, January 24, 2010

Build your own website - part 1

When it comes to creating your own website it can seem like "where do i start". Whether it be domain or web hosting or just even coding the website, this tutorial will go through a basic way of learning how to create your own website from scratch with little or no knowledge of xhtml or css.

1.  Lets start with a HTML Editor

When beginning to design a website its best to start with a free xhtml editor, this can be like htmlpad or notepad++. High end, feature rich web editors like homesite and dreamweaver cost to be able to use.

This is what a typical html editor will look like.


The body tags is where all the content that you want to read and see on the web page, like text and images will be placed. The title tags is where you want the heading for the webpage to be! This is especially important when it comes to search engine optimization because its what Google uses to link to your website. Its important that your titles are keyword rich and are original to archive a high placement within the google index.

2. Use CSS to position your code

Each html page is closed with html tags and saved as a .html file. When positioning that content in the webpage its the use of CSS that positions the text and images, CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.

This is an example of developing css code for your website!


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