Monday, January 4, 2010

Quality Link Building for SEO purposes

When it comes to building a new website its important to understand that the SEO benefits for your website add a lot of value to your website. Link building is about having quality resources linking to your websites content, for example on a twitter profile one can link to their website by placing a link in your profile.


The above example shows that a link can be embedded into a twitter profile. It's really that easy to start link building for SEO benefits and thats what adds value to a good page ranking within googles index. The power of social networking is probably the most effective way for powerful linking building in today's market because it can give a real-time method of keeping readers and users of high traffic websites up to date to the second with the latest information. Another form of popular link building is placing a websites domain name into a directory list that links back to your website. This method was very popular back in the 90's but is now becoming old hat because a directory list doesn't add much value about your websites content.

A popular directory for linking to your website in today's market is which is a social news media site where one can digg content, which means voting for content they like they like and the more diggs a link has the more popular the content is. Digg is a quality website that gets a lot of traffic and is free to use and by digging a websites page it can gain a lot of potential traffic with a link back to your website which Google will like. If you want to know more information, then visit quality seo research for your website. Here is a video about link building for SEO.


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  3. If we make quality links for a website all links give benefit in serp ranking

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  5. Link building is kind of hard to figure out these days. Google has changed things so much with their update I'm wondering if link building has much value at all anymore? I know there are some professional seo company that stand by it and some that have shied away from it. What's your opinion?

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